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45 The Kibungan Circuit (or at least part of it!) – The Cordillera Mountains, Luzon, The Philippines October 24 – 29 2017

For the absence of doubt I am not a fan of hiking in the tropics which will explain why, despite an extensive record of mountain walking in 5 continents over the last three decades,  for all the accumulated years I have spent living in Thailand I have never ventured further than walks along the Pattaya and Jomtien promenades in an effort to maintain my fitness or walks through the rice paddies when staying in Isaan! Continue reading

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58 The Höhbalmen Route, Zermatt, Switzerland – A Photographic Essay. August 14 -16 2019

My Canadian nephew Daniel recently stayed with me in Mürren Switzerland for 12 nights. It was his fifth visit, as he first stayed with us when he was 9, again at 18 not long before we climbed Kilamanjaro with our daughter Lisa. He returned again when he was 23 and 29. I think we worked out he had spent almost two months in Mürren, although his father and my brother-in-law Wayne has yet to make a visit! Continue reading

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56 A Short walk across the Burmese Border Ban Rak Thai, Mai Hong Son Province, Thailand – March 31 2019

I am a Geographer by training and I have been a Geographer all my working life, firstly as a Geography Teacher and latterly for 40 years as a Tour Operator.

I love looking at maps and, as a child, enjoyed nothing more than going for a ride in my father’s motor bike and sidecar and discovering Dorchester was indeed just as the map said, 25 miles west of Bournemouth. Continue reading