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12 – Leonard Cohen in Quebec – Lessons from a Master – Dec 9 2012


If the question is what could possibly induce me to visit Quebec in late November with the daytime temperature reaching  minus 16 then the answer is to watch one of the most talented artists in the world perform in his home town of Montreal.
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11 – A family outing – Thailand Oct 22 2012

For the second time this year I find myself typing away with a fan behind me in the village of Baen Non Waeng in Northeast Thailand. The fan is 5ft tall, a beautiful bronze complexion, and twists smoothly back and forth imparting relief and pleasure at every moment. Unfortunately this relief is provided by courtesy of Continue reading


10 – China on my mind – Oct 8 2012

IMG_4251I keep thinking this is my third visit to China but in fact it is the fifth time I have been in the country as I have twice visited Tibet and whether we like it or not after 50 years Tibet is as much part of China as Wales and Scotland are part of the UK.  So perhaps I should say this is my third visit to mainland or undisputed China. Continue reading


9 – Gerlee – Angel from the Steppes – Sept 27 2012

IMG_3297I am writing these comments as we journey across the Mongolian steppes in a comfortable Chinese train heading towards the Gobi Desert and China after three days in Mongolia.  This short visit to Mongolia has been my first and has revealed one surprise after another from the moment I noted that the streets of the capital Ulaan Baatar seemed to be full of very attractive young women. This was a million miles away from the stereotype I had of a somewhat stocky round faced nomad Continue reading


8 – Elvira – Dolly with the trolley (Looking for a husband on the Trans Siberian Railroad) – Siberia Russia Sept 21 2012


I am penning these words sitting in the somewhat dated but cosy Restaurant Car as we speed  across the partly forested Siberian plain between Krasnoysk and Irkutsk on the Trans Siberian railway. And perhaps I should address one misnomer at the very beginning Continue reading


6 – Wimbledon – Join the queue! – London England June 30 2012

IMG_6106I went to Wimbledon yesterday and given that I wrote about Roland Garos a few weeks ago I guess I should add some comments about Wimbledon. After all it’s the greatest Tennis tournament in the world – isn’t it?

Well actually I am not sure. Continue reading


5 – Roland Garos – Paris France June 6 and 13 2012

IMG_7790Paris in the Spring is a magical place, beloved by writers, filmmakers, poets and romantics but there is always a problem when I come here each Spring – I do not get to see much of Paris!

For me and many others who flock to Paris at the end of each May, Paris means one thing only Continue reading


4 – Matchmaking in Baan Nong Weng – Thailand April 27 2012

IMG_6688You would be hard pushed to find Baan Nong Weng  on the map – I first came here 6 years ago and have been back most years since, staying in one of the many thousands of almost indistinguishable villages in Isaan, the dry dusty north eastern region of Thailand that borders on to Cambodia and Laos. Continue reading

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3 – Kuta Beach 40 years on – Bali Indonesia April 19 2012

IMG_5141I am fortunate to have been able to organise my life so that I have been able to travel extensively for parts of every year since 1967 and I have never been to a place that has changed as much as one of the worlds iconic destinations Kuta Beach Continue reading