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56 A Short walk across the Burmese Border Ban Rak Thai, Mai Hong Son Province, Thailand – March 31 2019

I am a Geographer by training and I have been a Geographer all my working life, firstly as a Geography Teacher and latterly for 40 years as a Tour Operator.

I love looking at maps and, as a child, enjoyed nothing more than going for a ride in my father’s motor bike and sidecar and discovering Dorchester was indeed just as the map said, 25 miles west of Bournemouth. Continue reading

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52 Fedal – we will never see their like again. Paris June 10 2018

Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal

I am starting this article at Boulogne-Billancourt in the suburbs of Paris just hours after watching Rafael Nadal win the Men’s single title at the French Open Tennis Championships for the 11th time in the last 14 years.

Of all the sports played in the world today I think that Tennis has a very strong claim for being the home of not just the world’s most pre-eminent sports personality Roger Federer, but also the sporting world’s two finest exponents of sportsmanship in Federer and his nemesis Rafael Nadal.  Continue reading

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51 Leonard Cohen and the Deaf Children at Baharibse. May 2018

I like to think I am a person with an open mind that embraces many interests, but without doubt, two of the most influential factors that have shaped my life during the last 30 years has been my love of walking in and exploring the high Mountain ranges of the world (and in particular the Himalaya and Alps), and also for the music of the Canadian singer Leonard Cohen. Continue reading

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50 Twenty Three Monks and Two Nuns for Breakfast! – Ban Nong Weng Thailand April 26 2018

I first came to Ban Nong Weng in 2006 and I am pretty sure I have been here every year since. It is a small village of maybe 300 or so inhabitants in Isaan, the hot, dry, north eastern region of Thailand, that many people believe provides the economic (and perhaps spiritual?) backbone to Thailand, if for no other reason than the fact that, for generations, the people of Isaan  have flocked to Bangkok, Pattaya and cities throughout Thailand in search of employment and provide the labour force for so many activities. Continue reading