Notes from a Nomad

Remarkable People, Memorable Events and Fascinating Destinations from Around the World.


15 – Meandering through Myanmar? – April 5 2013

photo23I am spending a period of three and a half months writing a book in Thailand and I needed to leave the country to renew my visa. Rather than a quick one day hop across the border to Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia I thought this was an ideal occasion to visit Myanmar, a country my wife Sharron visited Continue reading


9 – Gerlee – Angel from the Steppes – Sept 27 2012

IMG_3297I am writing these comments as we journey across the Mongolian steppes in a comfortable Chinese train heading towards the Gobi Desert and China after three days in Mongolia.  This short visit to Mongolia has been my first and has revealed one surprise after another from the moment I noted that the streets of the capital Ulaan Baatar seemed to be full of very attractive young women. This was a million miles away from the stereotype I had of a somewhat stocky round faced nomad Continue reading