Notes from a Nomad

Remarkable People, Memorable Events and Fascinating Destinations from Around the World.


8 – Elvira – Dolly with the trolley (Looking for a husband on the Trans Siberian Railroad) – Siberia Russia Sept 21 2012


I am penning these words sitting in the somewhat dated but cosy Restaurant Car as we speed  across the partly forested Siberian plain between Krasnoysk and Irkutsk on the Trans Siberian railway. And perhaps I should address one misnomer at the very beginning Continue reading


2 – Defending Pattaya – Thailand April 12 2012

I am coming to the end of a two week stay in Pattaya of all places and I have seen this unique city from a very different perspective.  That is surprising in that my previous visits had afforded some contrasting experiences given that they included coming as a solo male traveller, a short stay in Thailand with my Continue reading