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43 Images from Greenland and Baffin Island: August 29 – Sept 23 2017


On August 29 2016 my wife Sharron, and myself boarded the MV Ocean Atlantic in the Northern Icelandic port of Akureyri.

We were so impressed by the magnificent scenery we discovered when we visited Greenland for the first time in 2016 (you can see images here and here) that we were both keen to return and visit other parts of Greenland, a country that affords a never ending  procession of spectacular landscapes, and  we subsequently spent 26 days on two back to back expeditions aboard the Ocean Atlantic exploring parts of the eastern and southern coastlines of Greenland in Zodiacs and also undertaking some challenging hikes on the days the conditions allowed us to go ashore.

After finally being able to cross the Davis St we continued our program heading northwards along the west coast of Baffin Island before recrossing the Davis St and exploring parts of the western coastline of Greenland (including the Illusiat Ice fjord which you can read about here).

We finally disembarked at Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland on September 23 and flew to the Canadian capital of Ottawa and continued on a (very) slow train to Vancouver from whence I flew to the Philippines and on to Thailand.

A selection of the images I took in Greenland and Baffin Island, a part of the world that few people visit, follow and I that hope my both images and the magnificent landcapes and seascapes that I tried to capture will encourage you to visit the Arctic and in particular Greenland, a huge country with just 40,000 inhabitants of whom almost half live in the capital Nook. The remainder live in small coastal towns or colourful villages often hundreds of miles apart from their neighbours amidst some of the most spectacular scenery on our planet.


© Michael Bromfield

Departure from Akureyri, Northern Iceland: August 29 2017


Ingmikerteq, East Greenland: Sept 1 2017

31 34

Tasilaq, East Greenland: Sept 1 2017

37 71

Pod of 200 Whales and Bernstorff Isfjord, East Greenland: Sept 2 2017

77 124

Skoldungen Fjord, East Greenland: Sept 2 2017.

126 130

Oenow Fjord and Hike, East Greenland: Sept 3 2017.

132 -170

Prins Christian Sund Channel, Southern Greenland: Sept 4 2017.

172 176

Tasermuit Fjord, South West Greenland: Sept 4 2017.

179 -189

Tasermuit Fjord Hike, South West Greenland, Sept 5 2017.

191 223

Kvenfjord and Glacier  Landing, South West Greenland: Sept 7 2017.

226 248

Nook (Capital of Greenland), West Greenland: Sept 8 2017.

304 - 325

Ooqqut Fjord Hike and Festival, West Greenland: Sept 9 2017.

328 343

Nuup Kangerlua Fjord Hike, West Greenland : Sept 10 2017.

345 347

Iqualit, Capital of Nunavet, Baffin Island, Canada: Sept 13 2017.

349 350

Pangnirtung, East Coast, Baffin Island, Canada: Sept 15 2017

355 382

Sunneshine Fjord Hike, East Coast Baffin Island, Canada: Sept 16 2017.

383 398

Isabella Bay, East Coast Baffin Island, Canada: Sept 17 2017.

401 413

Sam Ford Fjord, East Coast Baffin Island, Canada: Sept 18 2017.

414 441

Equip Sermia Fjord and Hike, West Greenland: Sept 20 2017.

443 480

Illusiat, Illusiat Ice Fjord and the Blue Trail Hike, West Greenland: Sept 21 2017.

For a detailed account of this day and additional images see here.

486 543

Itilleq, West Greenland: Sept 22 2017.

552 575

Disembarkation after 26 days aboard the Ocean Atlantic at Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland: Sept 23 2017.

579 584


2 thoughts on “43 Images from Greenland and Baffin Island: August 29 – Sept 23 2017

  1. Spectacular photographs! Many thanks for sending them. Some of them were reminiscent of Iceland. Glad to have been there by lazy armchair travel! Best wishes,

  2. Fantastic photos once again Michael. Maybe I get there one day. Judi

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